Vibeke Platou (1957)

I have always been interested in drawing and painting, and studied graphic design at Westerdahl’s Reklameskole in Oslo (1982).

2003-2007:  I followed painter Per Morten Karlsen (Galleri Haaken, Oslo) and his classes in painting at Asker Kunstfagskole.
I painted in acryl.

Inspired by the works of great masters like Velàsquez, Vermeer, Caravaggio and Rambrandt I wanted to learn more about classic figurative painting.

2007-2009:  Studied classic figurative drawing and painting with the internationally known artist Ingolv Helland for two years at the time living in Oslo. He had learned his skills from the famous american painter Micheal Avion in New York.  The techniques I studied is based upon the old Masters,  referring to the Academy Ecole des Beaux Art and French painters as Jaques-Louis David and Francois Boucher.

2009-2012: After Ingolf Helland moved to London to work there as an artist, I continued my studies in Oslo with painter Jan Valentin Sæther, former professor in figurative painting at the Academy of fine art in Oslo.  He has supplied my ”tool-box of knowledge” in oil painting.

Today I live at our farm in the countryside in Rauland in Telemark.  I have my studio here at the lawn and it is easy to find inspiration and concentration in the work at this beautiful and peaceful place.   I find the combination between urban life and living in the countryside very inspiring.   I also arrange painting courses at the farm with different themes and professional teachers, where the participants live at the farm during the course.  See our website: www.tuftinfjellgard.no for more information about this.

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