Painting technique

I paint both from live model and also use photos as a reference to the model. It is important for me to get the right impression of the person I am portraiting.  I find the psychological aspect in portrait painting very fascinating.  I spend time to work out the right idea for the portrait together with the customer before I start painting. 

When I paint Still life I use a shadow box and artificial lighting to get the right light and atmosphere on the motive.

The painting consists of several layers of paint. 

I find it very fascinating to be able to see and understand the light, the limit of the shapes, the colours and composition in a motive.  It is a process where I gradually get to the final result.

The Fiddler tunes his instrument, uses his skills, musical talent and personality to make the music he plays become his own. Painting is similar to music in many ways: rhythm, directions and musicality.  We use expressions like ”orchestring the colours and tuning the color and tones” – almost like in music!

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